Canon Printer Touchscreen Interface

UX/UI Designer, User Experience Research, User Interface Design, User Journey Mapping


The purpose of the UX/UI class project is to identify the problems with Canon Printer Touchscreen Interface on the Elon University campus, understand the behaviors and needs of the users, and provide a better user interface design solution to improve the usability of the printer touchscreen interface.


The subject for my mini UX user journey map is the Canon Printer Touchscreen Interface for the all-in-one Canon printer that Elon students can find on campus. The Canon printers are located in the academic buildings, so students can easily access them for their academic needs. I chose the Canon touchscreen interface because I found the touchscreen user interface is not very clear to use for first-time users. For this reason, I discover some difficulties that users can face and suggest design solutions to resolve the issues.

Redesign Suggestions

Major Changes:

  • Added an image of the printer on the login screen showing the location of the card reader
  • Included another login option for the users who don’t have a Phoenix card

Major Changes:

  • Switched “Copy” and “Print” options as “Print” option is more frequently used by students.
  • Changed the icon for “Print” to indicate the function visually more clear
    • Added “Remaining Balance” option on the top of the screen

Major Changes:

  • Added a preview section on the left side of the screen and additional “print formatting” information in the “Job” section
  • Simplified the interface to improve usability, so users can easily see the printing settings of the current jobs.