Focus – UX/UI, Product/Visual Design, Mobile Interface Design

My role – UX/UI Research and Design, Product/Visual Design, Photography, Videography

Technology – Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere Pro

Timeline – Jan – April 2022

Elon Together is a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Educational Mobile Application.​

For Elon University students who want to learn more about diversity and/or interact with other people from different backgrounds within the campus community, Elon Together will help students access diversity and inclusion resources easily, understand the value of diversity, and enrich their relationships by engaging with the Elon Community on campus.


  • To provide helpful information about diversity and inclusion to the campus community
  • To help the campus community have a better understanding of diversity and inclusion
  • To promote the true value of diversity and inclusion on campus
  • To give underrepresented groups of students opportunities to share their experiences with the campus community
  • Most importantly, to help the young college students find the diversity education interesting and engaging.


As U.S. college and university campuses become more diverse than ever, diversity education for young college students becomes increasingly important. For this reason, the role of the campus administrators and diversity educators, including faculty and staff, is significant. They need to create proper diversity education that works effectively for young college students who are at the stage of developing their sensitivity of diversity and understanding the value of diversity and inclusion. Schools should examine if their current diversity education program works appropriately and continue finding better ways to provide their students with a quality diversity education.


In this regard, a well-designed online diversity education platform can help the students to access the diversity education resources easily and provides them opportunities to interact with other students with different backgrounds through the virtual online platform, so they can enrich their relationships on campus with other groups of students and achieve higher academic goals together. This capstone project is a functional mobile application prototype which students, faculty, and staff can easily access diversity and inclusion resources and interact with other people from different backgrounds within the campus community.


Concept Sketches


Style Guide

Application Prototype

Interact and Learn More about Elon Together!

User Test

 This Elon Together mobile application user tests involved studying and observing the experience of using the main features of the app users. I conducted the tests in April 2022 with 6 participants in-person and over Zoom. The participant criteria included being an Elon University student, faculty, or staff. I provided participants with a scenario of using the app to complete seven different tasks that are the main features of the app. I measured the results through quantitative and qualitative metrics. Each user test session was recorded for later observations and data collection. 


I’ve created multimedia artifacts including promo videos for DEI and multicultural Organizations on campus and Elon Together marketing images for the capstone project. The purpose of multimedia is to promote the DEI resources and services Elon University provides to its community. I filmed, edited, and produced all video and photo content to create the multimedia content for Elon Together. The content can be found throughout the application prototype.

Elon Together Website Prototype

I’ve created the Elon Together website prototype for the capstone project in Adobe XD. The primary purpose of the website is to promote the main features of the mobile application and encourage the users to install the app.