Habitat | Habit-Changing Mobile Application

UI and Visual Designer, Figma, Wireframing, Avatar + Icon Creation, User Journey Mapping

Habitat is a habit change assistant mobile application that I created for a class team project with an Interactive Media cohort. The app assists users in changing their bad habits and pursuing healthier lifestyles. Users can choose an avatar, set up their own goals, participate in competitions, and interact with other users. My primary task for this project was to develop a visual concept of the application. I’ve created the avatars, icons, and logo for the project.

Persona & User Journey Map

For this UI design team project, my team researched to understand the needs of the people who want to change their habits. Based on the research, we created a persona, Ellie Williams, and a user journey map to see how she would identify, explore, and use the app. This user journey map was handy to keep in mind the primary purposes of the app during the app developmentment process.

Concept Sketches


Application Prototype

The functional mobile app prototype for Habitat has been designed in Figma. Total 14 pages have been developed to show the main features such as Goals, Avatars, Instructions, Competitions, and Groups.