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I am an award-winning graphic designer with 7+ years of experience in a professional setting. I always go the extra mile to provide excellent design solutions for clients.

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Alien Typeface_Ackma-Di

I’ve developed an alien typeface for this class project based on the alien, Ackma, I’ve created. It has its own rule. The sound accents and letter hierarchy are the basic rules of alien letters.

The alien is called Ackma, and they are very aggressive and violent. Ackma invades other planets to colonize. They do not speak verbally like the human species to communicate with each other. They make a shallow and heavy bass sound when they communicate. The language and alphabetic writing system they use is known as Ackma-di. Ackma does not use any writing supplies to write their languages. They use their claws to leave a simple message on the hard surface.

Concept Sketches

Visual Story Mapping Poster - Rosenwald Schools

I created a visual story mapping poster featuring Rosenwald Schools in Alamance County, NC, for an Interactive Media class project. I teamed up with a talented iMedia cohort and video producer, Kerrie King, to create this poster for the African-American Cultural Arts & History Center, Burlington, NC. It was an excellent opportunity to learn about Black history in the local community and help a non-profit organization create a visually appealing and informative poster to use as educational material for visitors.



About Rosenwald Schools:

Conceived in the 1910s by Black educator Booker T. Washington (1856-1915), the Rosenwald program represented a massive effort to improve black rural schooling in the South through a public-private partnership. The name came from philanthropist Julius Rosenwald (1862-1932). Rosenwald offered matching grants to rural communities interested in building black schools. The Rosenwald fund supported 813 schools in North Carolina and 9 in Alamance County for Black students in all grade levels.

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