Photography, Videography, & Animation

I am a passionate and experienced photographer and video producer. I take great pride in capturing the precious moments of people and nature in my photo and video frames, and I am constantly adding to and refining my skills.

Video Production

Multimedia Storytelling: Stop Motion (From Here to There)

This project took on the concept of “From Here to There” in the form of a stop motion narrative. In terms of concept, content, and approach, the narrative was character-driven and incorporated traditional ideas of storytelling such as a narrative three-act structure, a defined setting, and a specific point-of-view. At the same time, I tried to explore new mechanics and aesthetics of narrative to create this stop motion animation. Keep watching until the very end of the video.

Methodist University Promotional Videos

My self-taught videography skill had been very beneficial for me and for Methodist University. Since teaching myself how to create videos in 2018, I have created more than 70 videos, including school and program promotional videos, virtual event videos, presidential announcements, and even virtual commencement ceremonies during Pandemic. I took on the monumental task of planning, filming, editing, and producing the videos by myself most of the time to fill the need for videography at Methodist University.


Methodist University Marketing & Event Images

As a lead campus photographer at Methodist University, I took marketing photos to promote school programs and events. Per requests, I photographed candid or staged photos of students, faculty, and staff for school marketing materials such as print and digital ads, booklet, posters, brochures, and more.

Aerial Photography & Videography

I am a certified Small Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Pilot. I have the certificates from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the N.C. Department of Transportation (NCDOT). I have captured images and footage for more than 30 aerial photography and videography projects.

Visual and Typographic Animation

Kinetic Typography

Never Give Up by Arnold Schwarzenegger

Using Adobe After Effects, I’ve created this kinetic typography animation using Arnold Schwarzenegger’s motivational speech about perseverance. His message about how you don’t need to be afraid of failing, and that it’s okay to fail if you get up inspired me, and I believe this is an important message that helps me stay current and relevant in my field. To make the animation inspirational and encouraging, I carefully chose the right background music, added sound effects, and created dynamic and energetic movements of the words.


Motion Palimpsest

I am Doo Young Lee.

For this project, I created a palimpsest animation sequence using Adobe After Effects and Photoshop. The basis of the project is a found text of some sort (novels, magazines, newspapers, or other written works). I used my own work that I created for my undergraduate graphic design class. I made a magazine called HelloD targeting young graphic designers. I used one of the spreads from the magazine to create this palimpsest animation. I wanted to tell a story about myself and show my work ethic as a graphic designer.

3D Animation -
Methodist University Outros for Video Content

Using NewTek LightWave, I created a couple of 3D animation outros with the Methodist University logo for the university’s video content. One of the outros has continued to be used for the majority of the videos that I produced for the school.